Zayed Khan with MP Jaglul Haider in the agricultural farm

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Entertainment Desk: Cinematographer Zayed Khan Satkhira has come to Nawabenki Ganamukhi office in Shyamnagar for the production of Agricultural Diversity Documentary of Palli Karma Sahajik Foundation (PKSP). Satkhira-4 Constituency Member of Parliament SM Jaglul Haider attended the shooting spot on the invitation of Zayed Khan on Saturday (March 18) morning.

The moment when Member of Parliament SM Jaglul Haider and actor Zayed Khan came together was captured on camera. Later, SM Jaglul Haider took the actor Zayed Khan with him and toured the neighboring agricultural fields.

At this time, SM Jaglul Haider and Zayed Khan “Agriculture is a proud country, Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh” MPs gave this slogan together. Meanwhile, social media Facebook has gone viral with photos and videos of MPs SM Jaglul Haider and Zayed Khan.

SM Jaglul Haider posted a video on his personal Facebook. Where it was seen, actor Zayed Khan said to Jaglul Haider, MP Jaglul Haider is seen traveling on a bicycle. Sometimes eat food with helpless orphans. Sometimes eat food in the field with the daily wage laborers. He planted rice in the mud in the field. Worked with the laborers in digging the river. There are many scenes where he appeared in the homes of the helpless people with food, which inspired me. I came for shooting in his constituency so I invited him to come to the shooting spot.

Member of Parliament of Satkhira-4 Constituency SM Jaglul Haider said that the leader has announced to build Bangladesh dependent on agriculture. Every inch of land should be cultivated. Not even an inch of space can be left uncultivated. As a result, filmmaker Zayed Khan came to my constituency to make a documentary on PKSP’s agricultural biodiversity. Zayed Khan invited me on mobile phone to visit his shooting spot. Basically on his invitation I came to the shooting spot. I invited him to my house. He said that he will come if he gets a chance.

At that time, Subrata Barua, one of the actors of Bangladeshi films, GM Akbar Kabir, President of Shyamnagar Press Club and many others were present at the shooting spot.

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