What to do if the laptop touchpad does not work

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Working on laptop all the time in office or at home. Many people use laptops rather than desktops for portability. However, while working on the laptop all the time, one has to face various problems. It can be seen that the touchpad is not working when you go to do some important work.

This can happen for many reasons. The touchpad may not work due to driver issues, hardware issues, and software issues. But you can fix this time yourself without going to the serving center in the beginning. Let’s see what to do-

>> Sometimes finger dirt and oil accumulates on the touchpad and the touchpad may not work. So clean the touchpad with a soft cloth before using the laptop.

>> Check laptop trackpad settings. If your laptop has a separate touchpad on/off button, be sure to check. Check the Touchpad Settings in Control Panel to see if the trackpad is configured correctly.

>> Many times malware virus attacks the laptop system but various problems are seen. So install an anti-virus program. In this you can know if there is any malware attack on your laptop.

>> Check whether the touchpad is locked or not. It is also possible that you have locked the touchpad by mistake. For this, hold the ‘fn’ key and click the X button. It will unlock if the touchpad is locked.

>> Restart the laptop system. Try restarting the laptop. This will often fix minor software problems.

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