What the president of Iran said after his visit to Indonesia

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Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi returned to the capital Tehran on Wednesday after a two-day visit to Indonesia. He said in a press conference on reaching Mehrabad airport that his country will strengthen its relations with the emerging powers of Asia.

The president of Iran said that his government is steadfast in the policy of developing relations with neighboring and regional countries. He visited the country at the invitation of Indonesian President Joko Yudodo.

President Raisi mentioned China, Russia, India and Indonesia as the emerging powers of Asia, Iran’s state media PressTV reported.

In the last visit, 11 cooperation agreements were signed between Tehran and Jakarta, the Iranian leader said, adding that the economies of Iran and Indonesia complement each other. Indonesia is not only the largest Muslim country in the world by population, but also an influential country in Asia and an important member of ASEAN.

Saying that Tehran has taken initiatives to strengthen commercial, economic, political and cultural relations with Indonesia, the Iranian president said that Iran and Indonesia have common views on regional and international issues related to the interests of the Muslim world such as Palestine.

According to the report, Ibrahim Raisi thanked and thanked the Indonesian government for giving a warm welcome to the visiting Iranian delegation.

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