What is the ’emergency rule’ the government uses to block BBC documentaries

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Last week, instructions were issued by the Information and Broadcasting Secretary to block a BBC documentary highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in the Gujarat riots, using TI Rule 16 2021.

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New Delhi: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, has banned a controversial BBC documentary highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in the Gujarat riots.India: Modi’s Question Instructions have been issued to remove it from YouTube and Twitter.

Directive to block BBC documentaries reportedly issued by Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apoorva Chandra using emergency powers under IT Rules, 2021

Kanchan Gupta, senior adviser at the ministry notified That both social media platforms have removed the link.

It should be noted that there has been much controversy over the documentary in India, and the government has labeled the documentary as ‘propaganda’. At the same time, the BBC responded to the criticism by saying, ‘The BBC is committed to highlighting important issues around the world. We have offered our response to the Government of India on the issues raised in the series, but the government has declined to respond.

Be aware that the BBCIndia: Modi’s Question‘ It has been told in the documentary that in the investigation of the Gujarat riots conducted by the British government (which has remained unpublished so far), Narendra Modi was found to be directly responsible for the violence.

Along with that, there has also been talk of tensions between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Muslims in the country. It also examines claims regarding its role in the large-scale communal violence in Gujarat in February and March 2002, which claimed over a thousand lives.

The documentary cites a hitherto unseen investigative report by the British government, which states that ‘Narendra Modi is directly responsible’. The British Foreign Secretary at the time Jack Straw can be seen saying in it that the British team had ‘prepared a very thorough report’.

What is TI 2021 Rule 16 Rules?

TI Rule 16, 2021 Related to ‘Blocking information in an emergency’.

Report The authorized official may examine the material being considered and make a written recommendation to the Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The secretary then issued a directive to ban the material without giving the material/intermediary an opportunity to be heard. The rules state that this is a method ‘where no delays of any kind are acceptable’.

The rules further state that in an emergency, the secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting may, as a ‘temporary measure’, restrict the public’s access to any information or parts thereof via any computer resource.

According to the TI Rules, 2021, ‘An identified or identifiable person, publisher, or intermediary possessing any computer resource containing such information or portions thereof may be banned without giving an opportunity to be heard.’

The Rules also say, ‘The competent authority shall, as soon as practicable but not later than forty-eight hours after the issuance of the directive under sub-rule (2), make a request to the committee for its consideration and recommendation.’

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