What Hero Alam said about the Dubai gold merchant

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Jumbangla Desk: The country’s popular content creator Hero Alam went to Dubai to inaugurate the gold shop of Arav Khan, the accused in the police murder case. On the opening day of the gold shop on Wednesday, the country’s media reported that Aarav Khan was an absconding accused in a police officer’s murder case.

Bangladesh national team captain Shakib Al Hasan and many others went to Dubai to attend the opening ceremony of that gold shop. After the release of the news, there is a lot of discussion on social media.

Hero Alam has opened up about going to Dubai on the demand of one such murder case accused.

Hero Alam told the media on WhatsApp on Thursday morning, ‘I know, I know everything, I am always near Arav Bhai. I know this. We have nothing to do about it. We artists can go anywhere. We have not seen who is what.’

In response to a question whether he knew the matter in advance, he said, ‘No, after coming here, I came to know on the day the news broke.’

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When asked to comment on the matter, he said, ‘I have no comment on this matter. Because we are artists, we can go anywhere. And the one who made the news, who has been campaigning for a month, where did he go a month ago. He has so much in his name, if there was news about it earlier, we would have thought whether to go to the event or not. Hero Alam also said that he will return to the country after another three days from Dubai.

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