What did Swara Bhaskar’s father say when he saw his daughter crying even after getting married with a smile?

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Legally married a month ago. Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar tied the knot with Samajwadi Party youth leader Fahad Ahmed. On February 16, the actress got married to Fahad. After a month, the two got married according to social norms. Swara and Fahad got together again at Swara’s grandmother’s house in Delhi. After wearing yellow, henna, and music, the two tied the knot. After performing all the wedding ceremonies with a smile, Swara burst into tears at the ‘fade’ ceremony. The video went viral on social media.

Wearing a pink lehenga, Swara Bhaskar in bridal attire. On one side is mother Ira Bhaskar, on the other side is husband Fahad Ahmed. Swara could not hold back her tears while leaving her father’s house after marriage. The actress cried at the last moment. The father is also emotional seeing tears in his daughter’s eyes. Swara’s father former army officer Uday Bhaskar shared the video on Twitter. He wrote, “A strangely poignant moment. It’s a very emotional time even for a hard-hearted person.”

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The wedding ceremony of Swara and Fahad started after the festival of Holi this month. The wedding ceremony was organized at Swara’s grandmother’s house in Delhi. Yellow hair, mehendi, music—nothing was left out at Swara and Fahad’s wedding ceremony. The newlyweds played Holi with their relatives and friends in the ceremony of wearing yellow. Swara married heterosexual Fahad. He also arranged various wedding ceremonies keeping that in mind. All the pre-wedding functions have a touch of communal harmony. From mehndi to music, Swara also selected the dress for the event in the same way.


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