Urfi Javed: It was difficult for Urfi Javed to find a house in Mumbai, hence the landlord refused

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Urfi Javed: Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi Javed, who surprised everyone with his fashion, is now in trouble again. Let us tell you that Urfi shared his troubles with his fans via his Twitter account and shared how hard it is for him to find a home. Some of the Honors were not ready to give him a house because of his taste in dress, while some did not give him a house because of the daily controversies. Now annoyed, Urfi has shared his troubles with fans on his social media accounts.

Therefore no one gave a house to Urfi

Let us tell you that Urfi Javed tweeted on social media that Muslim honor is not ready to give him a home because of his dress sense. At the same time, Hindu honor does not give him a home because he is a Muslim. Some Honor would not give him a house because of the political threats he received that day.

Urfi stays discussing about his clothes. In such a situation, for Urfi who is looking for a house to rent, his clothes become a problem. It has become very difficult for them to find a home in Mumbai.

Fans expressed concern

In this Urfi tweet, his fans also expressed their concern. Some call this Honor gesture wrong, while some talk about helping them find a new home. One Urfi fan commented on his tweet, ‘This is so wrong.’ Another user wrote, “I feel bad for you.” So some users told Urfi to move to Pune.

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