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WhatsApp has introduced two new features for iPhone users. One of the most popular messaging platforms in the world is rolling out updates one after another. Which improves the experience of WhatsApp users using the platform.

Recently, WhatsApp authorities have started rolling out two new features for iOS users. One of the features is that users can give voice status updates. Another is that text can be detected from within the image. Text can be selected directly from the image.

Through voice status, users can also give status by reciting songs and poems as desired. Everyone in the user’s contact list will see this voice status update. Privacy settings will be associated with this.

The WhatsApp company has started the roll out of these two new features for iOS users. After beta testing, this feature has been rolled out to many users. But still many have to wait to use this updated feature. Users will get the benefit of these two features in the latest update of the iOS version.

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iOS users can now record voice and share it in status, according to WhatsApp tracker Webtinfo. 30 second voice notes can be shared. Users can also forward voice notes from their chats to statuses. This new update has been added to iOS 23.5.75 version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has also rolled out another feature for iOS users. There the user can do other tasks during the WhatsApp video call without stopping it. It is a multi tasking feature. This feature is rolling out in WhatsApp iOS 23.5.77 version. A new update has been added here. With the help of that new feature, users can directly detect text from WhatsApp images.

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