Top 5 Offline Games for Android

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Mobile games are popular among people in the age group of eight to eighty. Many people like to play games in their leisure time. But you can’t play online games because you don’t always have internet. Again, online games take up a lot of phone storage.

You can play offline games on your phone while going to office by bus. Let’s know about 5 such offline games. Which can be played even if there is no internet on the phone-

Stranger Thinks
This game will be best for those who love action. It is based on the famous Netflix show Stranger Things. In this game you have to solve puzzles using different character abilities.

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Who likes to play games like building houses or castles? Then you can download this game. Here you can build your own house and grow crops. The advantage is that you can play this game with friends or alone.

In this game the gamer has to enter a deep and dark well. Then you have to collect a lot of red gems to get out of that dark well. The further down the well you go, the darker it gets and the harder your game becomes.

Fallout Shelter
In this you have to find out where the bombs are kept in a certain area. Then the people living there have to be looked after. They have to be protected from the dangers that come from time to time. You will also get new weapons and bombs while playing.

Game Alto’s Adventure
If you love snowboarding, this game is for you. It will give you the fun of snowboarding in the mountains. On the way there are villages, forests and many other exciting places. They have to be passed one by one. There will be obstacles one after another, which you have to overcome.

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