The trophy returned to the marquee on the shoulders of the green-and-maroon crowd, as the excitement rose to see East Bengal on stage.

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The ISL trophy was carried on the shoulders of the crowd. At the end of the ceremony, the Mohun Bagan ground was occupied by the green-maroon crowd. After Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee left the stage, the officials took the coaches and footballers to the club tent. The ISL trophy was still on the stage. The trophy returned to the tent with fans on their shoulders.

At first, a few semi-, medium-sized bosses were getting up on the empty stage to see the trophy, take pictures. Fans who saw them also entered the field from the gallery to see the trophy up close. A few people went up to the stage because of the crowd. Within seconds the green maroon crowd took over the stage. At first, a few people took pictures with the trophy. They got courage because there was no one to stop them. The ISL trophy went into their possession. Excited Mohun Bagan crowd roamed the field with the trophy. They delivered the trophy to the club tent.

The Mohunbagan tent was decorated since morning. On the occasion, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will come to see the ISL trophy. He was supposed to arrive around 12 noon. All arrangements were made long before that. A temporary stage was built in the field. Members Gallery is open to supporters. Supporters started arriving from 11 am. Some were wearing their favorite club jerseys. Someone brought the club north or flag. As time progressed, the crowd increased. By 12:00 a few thousand Green-Maroon members-supporters had arrived. Mohun Bagan song was playing before the program started. The eight to eighty crowd danced to the music. In fact, the melody of that song was interrupting the rhythm of the festival. The sounds of ‘Jai Mohun Bagan’, ‘Bharatsera Mohun Bagan’ were heard from the gallery.

Pritam Kotal, Subhashis Basu, Kian Nasiri, Vishal Kaithra came to the field with the trophy at exactly 12:10. Behind coach Juan Fernando. The supporters burst into joy after seeing them. Sometimes the supporters shouted Pritam’s name, sometimes Vishal’s name. The footballers sitting on the stage were also enjoying their enthusiasm and madness. Some of the giants were also harmonizing with the music of Mohun Bagan.


The sky is cloudy. Many fear that the rain will not cut the rhythm of the event? Nothing happened. Rather, as time progressed, the sun rose. The Chief Minister came at 12:40. Seeing him again, the supporters floated with joy. The Mohun Bagan crowd roared several times even after the ceremony started. The cheers doubled when the footballers were called out and the Chief Minister announced the award of Rs 50 lakh.

The shouts tripled at the sight of the East Bengal representatives. When the Chief Minister was handing out mementos, flowers and sweets to the footballers in their northern attire, two representatives of East Bengal arrived. They came to congratulate Mohun Bagan with garlands of red-yellow roses and sweets. At the request of the conductor, as soon as they got on the stage, the voice was raised, ‘As many times as Derby, as many times as Harby.’ As they wanted to leave the stage quickly to avoid discomfort, Mohan Kartara handled the situation. The green-maroon crowd burst into exhilaration once again. When the issue of East Bengal’s failure came up in the Chief Minister’s speech.

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After Mohun Bagan reached the ISL final, Chief Minister Mohan told Secretary Debashis Dutt to become champions. He also said, I will be shown the trophy. After returning to the city with the team trophy, Debashis sought the chief minister’s time. At 5 pm on Sunday, the Chief Minister said that he himself would come to the Mohun Bagan tent around 12 noon on Monday to see the trophy. After knowing the Chief Minister’s wish, the Mohun Bagan authorities quickly made all the arrangements. Mohan Kartara has made all the arrangements within the limited time. It was the supporters who made their efforts come alive.

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