The phone app is stealing bank information

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Downloading various apps to make smartphone work easier. From social media to phone cleaning, gaming apps, banking apps, shopping apps are making everyday tasks easier. But many fake apps in the form of real apps are killing our phones.

These fake apps slowly spread malware on the phone. By stealing various important and personal information from the phone. Recently, experts have found an app on Google Play Store, which is stealing banking information. The app is Xenomorph. It is currently identified as one of the most dangerous apps on the Google Play Store. Uninstall it now if you have it on your phone.

Xenomorph is an Android banking trojan. This malware is very dangerous, which steals users’ data in a special way. The app is basically a cleaner app, which works to free up storage on the phone. However, in the guise of a cleaning app, this app steals the user’s bank information.

More than 50 thousand users have already installed the app from the Google Play Store. According to a report by ThreatFabric, the Xenomorph malware targeted more than 400 banking apps and digital wallets. It may also conduct transactions without your consent.

The report also states that it is currently targeting users in Spain, America and Turkey. But soon it may spread globally. Experts ask Android users to be very careful while installing apps from Google Play Store to avoid such apps.

Source: Tom’s Guide


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