The challenge of reclaiming the Bengal girls’ title

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screen getting up five nation clear below১৭ woman of the championship. Dhaka Kamalapur at the stadium today Afternoon ৩টা ১৫ in minutes of the tournament Inaugural in the match face to face will be current the champion Nepal And the highest twice title holder India. the title of recovery on the mission the evening ৭টা ১৫ in minutes the host Bangladesh themselves the first in the match will fight Bhutan girls against in the tournament competition to do the other the country of Europe Russia

this in the tournament Rashan girls Abhishek to be is going to come on wednesday of Bengal girls against themselves mission start will do Russia In Bangladesh foot with the country informed gave the trophy victory to do their the only aim sunday Bangladesh football In the Federation (In the buffet) tournament previous the news conference held has been there Russia of the party the coach clear By doing informed gave, the trophy with to return want they are On the other hand the host of Bengal the coach a slave Rabbani Choton too the same aim Usually the south of Asia seven the country with Safer (South the asian football Federation) the game held is

recently Safer age wise in the tournament Of course found goes no Safer all the country that due to now first time like this at the event to play is going Russia tennis beautiful maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova of the country the girls the guest as to play already In Dhaka location doing that due to India And of Nepal as well as of Bengal girls new the challenge as appeared has been Russian the girls of Ukraine on Russia attack to do for a few days after of the country of football on Prohibition impose by doing the world of football controller organization fifa And the european of football the highest organization UEFA. this Prohibition stay within of Russia under১৭ of the party the girls clear Championship to play In Dhaka location doing Seventy in the decade In Bangladesh came of Russia football the club Prince Dynamo. After that for a long time And In Bangladesh foot did not read of the country football of the party Finally saturday Safer tournament to play Dhaka has arrived of Russia under১৭ woman football team the traveler four of the party in Russia everyone before In Bangladesh has arrived of Russia Senior football team UEFA from forbidden of Europe in competition they are participation to do can no Safer this tournament Although Wafer In finance being However UEFA The authorities Russia clear to play for sent

in ukraine attack due to Russia a lot fee to give being of the country The clubs to play can no Wafer at the event only so not, the last Qatar In the World Cup too the game did not Russians. A due to Russian the girls indeed to play can what no, it is with of many in mind question was the end up to all apprehension overcome in the tournament to play is going they are only the game not, the title won in the country to return want Russia sunday the news At the conference of Russia the coach Yelena difference of opinion saidof course we are the champion to be want every The party want the champion to be the title won the trophy Russia with to go want In Dhaka to play even though Bangladesh with like that nothing to say could not Russian the coach three saidBangladesh team about something to say very difficult our near because this team about our near any Information no difference of opinion More saidour of the party for great a tournament to be is going Asia in the region we are never any in the tournament the part didn’t have such of the tournament for we are wait was doing two months before this in the tournament the part to take invitation letter getting in turkey practice camp did Russia two preparation match too played they are

five team Because of the tournament format Staying the league method. everyone with everyone to play after point of the table the top team will be the champion now will be age wise this of football the fifth Asar of previous The events has been Aundha১৫ year the aged with now two year increase nomenclature to do has been incomparable১৭ Championship. previous four at the event of Bengal the girls the champion has been once that ২০১৭ in In Dhaka held at the event at the event the best success team India. they are ২০১৮ And ২০১৯ in drawn the champion has been one time the champion (২০২২) Nepal of the event current title holder

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