The bride did not do well in the exam, the young man broke the marriage in anger!

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Last-minute marriage break-ups are not new. Many marriages break up in the main stage due to various reasons including money demands or problems of sons and daughters. But the incident that happened in India’s Uttar Pradesh is exceptional. It is known that the groom broke the marriage because the bride did not get good marks in the 12th class examination.

What is the matter? It is known that Sonu, son of Ramshankar Babu of Baganwa village, got married to a person named Soni in Kanauj district of Uttar Pradesh. Before the wedding, they also have a ‘God Bhrai’ ceremony as per the custom. But just a few days before the main wedding ceremony, Sonu informed that he cannot get married. Because, Soni got very low marks in class 12th exam.

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Soni and her family were angry after hearing this from Patra. They claim that the adoption ceremony was held with great fanfare. At least 60 thousand rupees have already been spent on the event. Even, Patra was given a ring worth 15 thousand rupees. But two days later, the suitor asked for dowry.

Soni’s father said that even before this, the bridegroom demanded many things from us as dowry. It is not possible to settle them and give a new separate bet.

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Meanwhile, Soni’s father filed a complaint with the police after the break-up of the marriage. He claimed that the girl’s marks in class 10 were slightly lower. However, her daughter passed in class 12th with good enough marks. But the husband is making unnecessary complaints about the 10th class marks. In fact, the spouse broke the marriage for not being able to pay the dowry.

According to the latest information, the bride’s family tries to convince the groom’s family through their relatives. But as the groom’s family was adamant about their demands, the bride’s family was forced to resort to the police. According to the local police, efforts are being made to solve the problem through discussion between the two parties.

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