Temporary expulsion of 5 students including Antara and order to recall the Provost

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Dhaka: The High Court has ordered the temporary expulsion of five female students including Chhatra League vice-president Antara, who were involved in the incident of torture of female students in Islami University (EB) Hall. At the same time, the provost of the hall. Shamsul Alam has been asked to withdraw immediately.

A High Court bench of Justice JBM Hasan and Justice Raziq Al Jalil passed the order on Wednesday (March 01).

After the hearing on Wednesday (March 01), the court ordered the two investigation reports to be sealed and sent to the university authorities. Based on those reports, the involved students, the administration and others were neglected, and the court ordered the authorities to take action according to the laws and rules of the university. Until the final decision of the university authorities in this regard, 5 students including Chhatra League leader Antara have been asked to stop all kinds of educational activities and keep them out of the campus.

The five expelled students are – Sanjida Chowdhury Antara, student of statistics department 2017-18 session and BCL vice-president, Halima Akhter Urmi, student of fine arts department 2020-2021 session, Israt Jahan Meem of law department 2020-2021 session, finance and banking department 2020-21. Session Tabassum Islam and Moabiya Jahan.

Besides, during the incident, the law enforcement forces have been instructed to collect and recover the video recorded by Halima Akhter Urmi, a student of Fine Arts Department 2020-2021 session, who recorded the video of Phulpari Khatun, who was the victim of torture, and submit it to the court.

Besides, university and hall authorities have been asked to allot seats for Phulpari in the residential hall within three days to continue their normal academic life without fear.

Along with this, university authorities including Kushtia SP and Pabna SP have been asked to ensure Phulpari’s safety. Witnesses of the incident have also been asked to ensure security.

The Vice-Chancellor and Registrar of the University have been directed to submit a report on this order by May 8.

At the time of the order, the court told the petitioner’s lawyer that we will keep the matter under monitoring. You should also take care of this. Inform the court if any problem arises. We will then issue the necessary orders.

At that time, the petitioner lawyer Gazi Md. was in favor of the application in the court. Mohsin Deputy Attorney General Tushar Kanti Roy appeared for the state. Advocate Shah Manjurul Haque was on behalf of Islami University.

Incidentally, freshman Phulpari Khatun was physically abused at Deshratna Sheikh Hasina Hall on February 11 from 11:30 to 3 am. The victim is a student of the 2021-22 academic year of Finance and Banking department.

Allegations were made against the Vice-President of the Islami University Branch Chhatra League, Sanjida Chowdhury Antara and her associates. The victim alleged that they beat up the student and recorded her naked video.

In this incident, on the morning of February 13, the victim student left the hall and went home. He filed a written complaint with the Hall Provost, Proctor and Student Counselor Office on Tuesday (February 14) seeking justice and security for physical and mental harassment in the name of ragging.

The administration and university administration and branch Chhatra League formed a separate investigation committee on the matter.

Gazi Md., a Supreme Court lawyer, wrote a writ in the High Court about the matter. Mohsin Kushtia directed the Deputy Commissioner to form a committee comprising the High Court administration cadre, judiciary and teachers of the Islamic University to submit an investigation report. Besides, he ordered to submit the report of the committee formed by the university. At that time, the two accused were asked to be kept outside the campus.

Accordingly, the report of the university administration committee and the committee formed on the orders of the High Court was sent to the High Court.

After sending the report, the residency of the five students was canceled on February 27.

According to the report of the university committee, Phulpari, a student of the 2021-2022 session of the Statistics Department, was subjected to ragging and physical and mental torture on the instructions of Sanjida Chowdhury Antara, a student of the 2017-18 session of the Statistics Department. Halima Akhter Urmi, a student of Fine Arts Department 2020-2021 session, Israt Jahan Meem of Law Department 2020-2021 session, Tabassum Islam and Moabiya of Finance and Banking Department 2020-21 session were directly involved in this inhuman, brutal, physical, disgusting, heinous incident.

Besides, Antara spoke to a person named Al Amin on his mobile phone. In that phone call, Al Amin reportedly threatened.

Meanwhile, according to the report of the High Court-ordered inquiry committee, Antara ordered everyone to slap Phulpari one by one. And Lima takes Phulpari’s mobile and everyone forces Phulpari to hold Antara’s feet.

Besides, Antara, Tabassum, Meem, Urmi, Moabiya and others harassed Phulpari by holding her hand while she was in the Provost Hall. At one point, the provost professor. Shamsul Alam always forced to give surety.

Provost Dr. in the report. Shamsul Alam, Assistant Registrar Abdur Razzaq, Officer Halima Khatun, a Nanny, Dining Manager Sohail Rana, House Tutor Moumita Akhter, Israt Jahan were mentioned to have gross negligence in their duties and gross negligence in Phulpari issue. Apart from this, proctor Shahadat Hossain Azad’s indifference is also mentioned.

Bangladesh Time: 1142 hours, March 01, 2023

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