Survive lurking horrors whilst you ‘weaponize human cloning’ in Paradox’s new deep-sea survival sport

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Paradox Interactive has unveiled a brand new addition to its ‘Surviving’ sequence of bad-situation administration sims, and this one is a bit more sinister than its predecessors. Surviving the Abyss (opens in new tab) places gamers accountable for a analysis lab on the backside of the ocean, the place they’re going to need to construct and keep services whereas managing the wants of its inhabitants.

That sounds innocuous sufficient, proper? But when there’s one factor that video games like BioShock, Soma, and Stirring Abyss have taught us, it is that nothing good ever occurs on the ocean ground, and that is positively the case right here too. Surviving the Abyss is about in 1976, on the peak of the Chilly Conflict, and the aim of the analysis base, you see, is to “good and weaponize human cloning.” And that is not the worst factor occurring: “The darkness hides surprising horrors,” and you are going to need to take care of that too.

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