Strict security in front of Salman’s house, but do you know how simple that one-room flat is?

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There is no end to the curiosity of the common people about the personal life of the stars. Many are eager to know how they live, what they eat. Recently, Salman Khan, one of the biggest stars of Bollywood, has been receiving frequent death threats. His personal security has been enhanced. The gathering of fans in front of his house has also been banned. In the midst of all this, new curiosity has arisen about Salman’s house. Casting director Mukesh Chhabra recently revealed how easy and simple Salman’s life is.

‘Bhaijan’ also received recognition for his social work. As fans know, the actor lives in a luxurious apartment, but not many know about his simple lifestyle. Mukesh said Salman lives in a one bhk apartment. There is only one sofa, only one dining table, and a small corner sitting area. There is a mini gym and actor’s bedroom. “This is Salman Khan, the biggest star of our country,” said Mukesh.

According to him, the actor does not waste money buying expensive things for no reason. He is not a big spender in terms of food. In Mukesh’s words, “I have known Salman for the last fifteen years, and I have not noticed any change.”

Mukesh praised Salman’s loyalty as a friend. He is a great confidant for his close friends. Mukesh praised the actor’s initiative to stand with people. Mukesh feels that sometimes his honesty is misinterpreted.


In Mukesh’s words, “This is the difficulty. When someone says something honestly, people interpret it as wrong.”

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There are multiple instances of Salman standing by his friends. Salman was by Shah Rukh Khan’s difficult times. Salman did not hesitate to stand by many others in their difficult times.

Salman has paid for the medical expenses of many artists, stood by the artistes during their financial crisis. However, the actor is currently in a state of panic after receiving death threats from several criminals in the crime world. Security has been beefed up around his residence in Bandra.

Salman got a huge response by acting in a single scene with Shahrukh in ‘Pathan’. He is going to return in the film ‘Kisi Ki Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan’ in the coming days.

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