Sravanti wants as many lakhs of rupees every month from the third husband

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Entertainment Desk: Srabanti is a popular actress of Tollywood. An Indian court has stayed her adultery case against ex-husband Roshan. This was informed by the court on Tuesday (March 14). It has also been said that Roshan’s case of ‘perjury’ under section 340 against the actress for giving false testimony will continue.
In this context, Roshan’s lawyer told the Indian media, “The court has informed that the court has given a stay order in Khorposh’s case until the Parjari case is settled.” Roshan also expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision to the media.

Roshan’s lawyer also said that how much rupees Srabanti demanded monthly alimony from the third husband Roshan Singh? The numbers are staggering. Srabanti has demanded Rs 7 lakh (Tk 8 lakh 94 thousand) as alimony per month, said Roshan’s lawyer Shyamal Mondal. However, Srabanti did not talk to the media about the matter. Maybe he has turned off the phone after understanding the situation.

Tollywood actress Srabanti Chatterjee is known for her personal relationships. Netdunya is more interested in his relationship than acting. This heroine fell in love with seven legs three times but none of them lasted. All of them broke up within a few days of marriage. However, the married life with director Rajeev was fairly long-lasting. Then the actress married model Krishan, that relationship also ended after one and a half years.

Then she married Roshan in 2019, the actress used to post all the pictures of going out together on her social media. All ended within a few months of marriage. Their case against each other is still ongoing.

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