Singer Asif joined the service as a senior official

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Entertainment Desk: Asif Akbar is the most popular music star of the country. He has billions of fans across both Bengals. Asif gave new good news to all those fans. He said on social media that he has started his working life. Officially started office from Sunday (March 5).

Singer Asif’s Facebook post with his picture says that he has joined the versatile group as the country head. In the post, the famous singer of ‘O Priya Tumi Kair’ said, through this job, he has the opportunity to do a lot for the country, for the industry of this country.

Asif wrote on Facebook, ‘My work life has started from March 1st. I joined a job for the first time in my life. From today I am going to officially start office. I liked both the job offer and the type. A new feather has been added to a long career. I joined the work with great pleasure.’

This popular singer has written asking for prayers, ‘Please pray for me as always. Everyone stay well, stay healthy, stay beautiful. Love is endless….’

Asif’s singing career started in the nineties. He created a tsunami in the whole country with the album ‘O Priya Tumi Kair’. This album set a record for cassette sales. Since then, Asif has been singing with great reputation. This time he also became an employee.

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