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Actor Shakib Khan went to the DB office to file a complaint against producer Rahmat Ullah. He went to the DB office on Minto Road in the capital on Sunday (March 19) afternoon.

Confirming the truth of this news to the media, a DB source confirmed the matter and said that Shakib came to the DB office to complain against a producer. At that time he discussed the matter with the senior officials of DB.

Before this, Shakib went to Gulshan police station to file a case against producer Rahmat Ullah on Saturday around 11:30 pm. But Gulshan police station did not take Shakib’s case. He was advised to go to court from there.

At that time Shakib said out of the police station, ‘I wanted to file a defamation case regarding the false allegations made by Rahmat Ullah. But the police advised to take this case to court. We will file a case against him tomorrow.’

Gulshan Police Station OC (Operation) Aminul Islam said that they did not take the case as the application form was defective. He said, ‘Shakib Khan came to the police station at night to file a case in the name of a producer. But as his application was flawed, it was suggested to amend it. So the case has not been taken for now.’

In Australia, a case was filed against Shakib for raping the co-producer of the film ‘Operation Agneepath’ and he was also arrested in that case, said Rehmat Ullah in the complaint to the artists’ association. In response to this, Shakib said in the police station premises, if there is a case, how did I come to the country? I did not run away.’

However, lawyer Khairul who was present with Shakib said, ‘The case that is being talked about in Australia has been investigated by the police there. But they called Shakib innocent and said, Mr. Khan it’s a honey trap. Be aware of yourselves from them.’

He informed that a case will be filed against Rahmat Ullah under Section 385 of the Penal Code within two to three days. That’s how preparations are being made. Following that, Shakib went to the DB office with a complaint against Rahmat Ullah.

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