Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses 365 Days to the Wedding, Modern Dungeon Capture Starting with Broken Skills, & More

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Seven Seas Entertainment The license acquisition of four new titles has been announced, all of which will be released in late 2023 and early 2024. New titles include 365 days to marriage, modern dungeon capture starting with broken skills, anyway, the rabbit is interested in the puppyAnd Summer Ghost.

Here are the details of each Seven Seas’ latest licenses:

365 days for marriage is a written and illustrated manga series A world known only to God the creator Tamiki Wakaki. It was first serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine on March 16, 2020 and inspired a live-action television drama. Forgiveness for marriage!. As of October 2022, eight tankoubun volumes have been released.

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The first volume will be released in North America as single volume editions in November 2023.

The Seven Seas manga is described as:

Takuya and Rika are colleagues at a travel agency in Tokyo. They are both single, but they don’t mind because they are introverts with contented lives at home. Unfortunately, now their job is looking after an office worker in Siberia, and single workers are considered first. Rika is desperate to avoid the exchange and goes to Takuya with an idea: if they pretend to get married in a year, they can live in Tokyo. The only problem is that both of them don’t know each other! If these two cool co-workers “fake” a relationship, will it turn out to be a real one?

Seven Seas will release the light novel and manga version Modern dungeon capture starting with broken skills. Yuki Kimikawa Story credit for both books Sturky Illustrating the art for the manga BrutalGZ Light handles the art for the novel. The manga adaptation first launched in Comic Gardo magazine on November 27, 2020.

The first volume of the light novel will debut in North America in January 2024. The series will be available early on digital platforms and in print as a single large trim version under Seven Seas’ Airship print.

Volume one of the manga will also be released in North America in January 2024. It will be available in print and digital platforms as single volume editions.

The story of Modern dungeon capture starting with broken skills Seven Seas describes:

Everyone with a dead end job sometimes wishes they could swallow something in their workplace…and that’s what happens to Mizuki Ryosuki. Monster-infested dungeons have appeared all over the world, but a swordswoman and a pixie save him from a collapsing office. Along the way, Mizuki picks up an item that allows her to pass on her superpowers to others—before she realizes it, Mizuki herself is in high demand!

noBoys love romance manga Anyway, the rabbit is obsessed with the puppy Seven Seas will also be released. It was serialized in Liquill, Overlap’s digital magazine, from 2021 to 2022.

The manga will be released in North America in November 2023 in single volume editions on print and digital platforms. The series is released as part of the Seven Seas BL label for boys’ romance titles.

Anyway, the rabbit is obsessed with the puppy's manga cover
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The synopsis of the Seven Seas manga is described as follows:

Usagi Akira, a twenty-five-year-old introverted office worker, lives for two things: shojo manga and the spare moments he can log in his favorite MMO, Tail Earth. There, his avatar is a cute rabbit girl and he gets to go on adventures with the cute wolf-boy Gakuto. When Gakuto asks if Akira wants to meet IRL for the Tail Earth fan conference, Akira agrees. Sparks fly between the two, neither of them what the other expected, and soon they fall hard for each other and decide to date! They don’t have much experience when it comes to romance, but this gamer couple is eager to figure it out together.

‘s light novel and manga adaptation will be released by Seven Seas Summer GhostBased on the 2021 animated short film Otsuichi, LondroAnd Yoshi Inomi. The short animation film was released on 12 November 2021 and was produced by Flat studio.

The light novel adaptation is written by Otsuichi and will be released in North America in August 2023. It will be available as a single large trim book on print and digital platforms. The single volume novel will be released in Japan on October 29, 2021, and will be released in English under Seven Seas’ Airship imprint.

Meanwhile, the entire two-volume manga series will be released as an omnibus edition book in English. Manga adapted Yoshi Inomi And serialized Shuisha’s Tonari no Young Jump Magazine from October 8, 2021 to June 3, 2022. It will be released for the first time in North America in August 2023 and will be available on print and digital platforms.

Summer Ghost Seven Seas describes:

There is an urban legend that claims that if you set off fireworks at an abandoned airport, the ghost of a young woman will appear. Three high school students are united by their shared desire to meet this ghost – each of them close to death. What happens when they meet on a fateful summer night when the boundaries between life and death blur?

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