Saudi sent 3rd round of relief to war-torn Ukraine

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Saudi Arabia has sent a plane load of relief to Ukraine. The plane landed at Rzeszów Airport in Poland carrying 30 tonnes of relief material from Badshah Faisal Relief Centre.

The relief includes medical supplies including tents and power generators in addition to emergency medicine.

The media reported such information in a report citing the Saudi state media Anadolu

Saudi Arabia has sent aid to Ukraine twice before. Recently, Saudi Foreign Minister visited Kiev. After his visit, Saudi started sending relief to Ukraine.

Middle Eastern country Saudi Arabia and Eastern European country Ukraine established diplomatic relations 30 years ago. Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud visited Ukraine for the first time during the war in February.

On the visit of the Saudi Foreign Minister, Zelensky said that his meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister will serve as a catalyst for beneficial dialogue between the two countries. Thanks to Saudi for supporting peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity in Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia has taken a neutral position in the Ukraine war. Last year, the Muslim world’s leading country brokered a prisoner-of-war exchange between Ukraine and Russia. In that mediation, Russia released two American and five British citizens. Saudi Arabia announced a $400 million aid package to Ukraine.

Incidentally, Russia started attacking Ukraine on February 24. The conflict has continued ever since. Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives in this long-running conflict. No one knows how long this war will last.

Bangladesh Time: 1300 hours, March 06, 2023

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