Rohit was shocked, when the topic came up, he said, ‘Am I a doctor?’

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Recently, Indian cricketers have been getting injured one after another. In most cases, old injuries return. New addition to that list is Shreyas Iyer. He could not bat in the Ahmedabad Test. He was also knocked out of the one-day series. The IPL and World Test finals are also uncertain. Rohit Sharma was asked about this after the end of the one-day series on Wednesday. The Indian captain immediately got angry. He clarified that he is not a doctor.

Rohit’s comments once again put the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in question. Recently, NCA has been accused of neglecting the fitness of cricketers one after the other. It started with Wriddhiman Saha’s injury. There is no stopping it. Rohit admitted that the frequent injuries of the cricketers in the first eleven is quite a concern for them.

Rohit said, “We are really worried. Not getting cricketers who deserve to be in the first eleven. We want to create opportunities for everyone to play. Workload management of cricketers is being emphasized now more than ever. So the trend of resting the cricketers has also increased from earlier.”

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The India captain added, “We are taking every effort to manage the cricketers. Still can’t tell why old injuries keep coming back. I am not an expert. The medical team is looking into the matter. They are trying to ensure that 15 cricketers are fully fit before the World Cup.”


Rohit also admitted that with the amount of cricket they play now, getting injured is almost certain. It is beyond their control. In Rohit’s words, “We can control what is in our hands. Those who are getting hurt are also disappointed. Everyone wants to play. No one wants to sit out. The whole thing is sad, but nothing can be done. Bad injuries can happen at any time. Look at Shreyas, he spent the whole day sitting outside. Once hit, it’s hurt.”

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