Rhea left Salman-Ghanishtha’s house at midnight, sarcasm on Netpara, ‘new scapegoat’

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It has been two and a half years since Sushant Singh Rajput passed away. After Sushant’s sudden departure, the finger of accusation was pointed towards his lover Rhea Chakraborty. Sushant’s family claimed that he pushed him to commit suicide by pushing him in difficult times. So are the fans of the actor. In this incident, Riya had to do jail time. But Riya has gradually returned to normal rhythm. It is heard that the actress is in love again. He is in love with Seema Sajdeh’s brother Bunty Sajdeh.


This time Riya was seen leaving Bunty’s house. The whole incident was captured by the camera of the photographers. Photo: Collected.

Sohail Khan’s ex-brother-in-law Bunty has a lot of influence within Bollywood. This time Riya was seen leaving Bunty’s house. It’s quite late at night. They got in the same car. The whole incident was captured by the camera of the photographers. The video spread instantly on the net. Riya didn’t stop to taunt some of the netizens. According to some, “Riya has got a new scapegoat.” Some said, “This girl is absolutely shameless.”

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He works in entertainment and sports management. Earlier Bunty was associated with Sonakshi Sinha. Now Riya is having fun with that bunty. After Sushant’s death, when everyone’s anger fell on Rhea, it was Bunty who extended a helping hand. Did that friendship go further? Time will tell the answer.


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