Residential building fire in Gulshan due to short circuit: Police

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Dhaka: The fire service is working to investigate the cause of the fire in the house-2/ building on road number 104 of Gulshan-2 of the capital. A five-member investigation committee has been formed.

The building has already been handed over to the owners under police protection. Initially, the fire started from an electrical short circuit, said Deputy Police Commissioner of Gulshan Division. Ahad

On Monday (February 20) at 12:15 pm, he informed the reporters at the scene.

Deputy Police Commissioner A. Ahad said that the fire service and Rajuk will investigate whether there were any other defects in the design of the building, the cause of the fire. However, we initially learned from the fire service that the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit.

A. Ahad said that two people have died so far in the fire incident in the residential building in Gulshan. I heard that one named Anwar died yesterday and another one named Raju died around 4 am today. So far we have received news of two deaths. Two others are hospitalized and their condition is critical. We learned that several others were injured and are undergoing treatment. No case has yet been filed in connection with the fire.

He said, yesterday we came and maintained law and order. We have managed to arrange roads, water and other issues.

He also said, we have repeatedly said and tried that you should not jump down. If they had not jumped, they would not have been killed. We were able to rescue those who were suffering without jumping.

Regarding the current situation of the building, he said, we are not entering inside. However, the owners of the flat are entering after calling the security personnel of the building. Only the flat owners can tell what is inside. The building is now in possession of the owners. We are looking at security.

Earlier, on Sunday (February 19) around 7 pm, a fire broke out on the seventh floor of that building in Gulshan 2. After about four hours of efforts, 19 units of the fire service managed to bring the fire under control.

In this incident, the investigation team of fire service rescued 22 people alive from the building including children and women. Later that night, a five-member investigation team was formed by the fire service.

Bangladesh Time: 1248 hours, February 20, 2023

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