Ranveer’s harsh comments on Urfi’s clothes

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India’s stylish star Urfi Javed. She is always at the top of the discussion on social media due to her eccentric and revealing outfits. Even this actress has to be a victim of trolls regularly. But Urfi doesn’t care about anything.

This time popular Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor made a harsh comment about Urfi’s clothes.

Recently, the actor appeared as a guest on Kareena Kapoor’s show Mirchi Plus to promote the movie ‘Tu Jhuti Mai Makkar’. And there, in response to a question from Kareena, he commented on Urfi’s clothes.

Do you know Urfi on the show? When Ranveer asked Kareena, he agreed. After that, Kareena asked Ranveer, is Urfi clothing an indicator of good taste, or does it bear the identity of low taste? But he must answer in one word, he said.

Without taking much time to answer such a question, Ranveer said, it is an indicator of low taste. However, there is no response from Urfi yet to the actor’s comments.

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