Ranbir Kapoor’s explosive comments about Urfi’s clothes

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Bollywood actress Urfi Javed is more criticized for her clothes than she is for her acting. She is in the headlines for her clothes. He has to listen to harsh words about this. This time Ranbir Kapoor commented on Urfi’s clothes.

There is a practice among fans, Urfi Javed means fashion and controversy. Sometimes he came to the headlines wearing all kinds of clothes.

This time Ranbir Kapoor commented on Urfi’s clothes. Many may be surprised to hear what Ranveer said in response to how Urfiq looks in all the different clothes.

Recently, Ranveer appeared as a guest on Kareena Kapoor’s show Mirchi Plus. The objective is to promote his film ‘Tu Jhuti Main Makkar’. There, Kareena asks Ranveer, does he know Urfi? He said, I know. After that, Kareena wanted to know about Urfi’s clothes, Ranveer was trying to answer tactfully.

Kareena wants to answer in one word. Is Urfi clothing a sign of good taste, or does it signify low taste? In reply, Ranveer said, it is indicative of low taste. Urfi has yet to respond to the actor’s comments.

Source: Anandabazar, Hindustan Times.

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