Ram Charan left the action biopic!

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South popular star Ram Charan. He has gained the experience of winning an Oscar a few days ago. The actor’s debut in Hollywood is already being discussed. Meanwhile, Ram said to work on the biopic.

Recently, the video of cricketer Virat Kohli dancing ‘Natu Natu’ on the playground has gone viral on social media. Since then, the practice has been going on, will these two stars be seen together on the screen or not? Meanwhile, Ram also expressed his desire to work in a sports-related film.

In an event, the actor said, I have a great desire to work in a sports movie. I definitely want to work if I get such a role. When asked whether he would play the role of Virat Kohli if given a chance, he replied, Absolutely! He is a very inspiring person. If given the chance, nothing would be better for me.

Hearing such excitement in the actor’s voice, it is clear that he is looking forward to playing the role of the cricket star when Virat Kohli’s biopic is made.

On the other hand, Ram Charan also talks about the buzz created by his ‘Natu Natu’ performance on the Oscar stage. Raj Kapoor, one of the producers of the Oscars, complained that Ram Charan and NTR Jr. did not want to perform ‘Natu Natu’ on the Oscar stage due to lack of rehearsals.

But the actor denied that and said, I was 100% ready to work. But I didn’t get any invitation to dance.

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