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Entertainment Desk: The news of Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s closeness with Telugu movie megastar Chiranjeevi is not unknown to anyone. Salman’s heart is different with Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan. Ram Charan gave an interview to India Today after returning from the Oscar stage. He gave birth to a discussion by commenting on Salman Khan.

Narrating an incident, Ram Charan says, “He invited me as an old friend of Baba’s (Chiranjeevi) before I wanted to meet him.” Once they worked together in many advertisements. One day Salman sir called me and said, ‘Son, I heard you are in Mumbai?’ I wondered, ‘How did you know?’ In reply he said, ‘Nothing happens in Mumbai without informing me.’ Then he invited me to his house. I will remember that warm welcome for the rest of my life.
The director said, “Salman Khan is a great director.

But inviting home means danger. Because the party goes on till 5 pm.’ Hearing these words, Ram Charan said, ‘No, sir. He is a very soft hearted person. He left us. If anyone wants to stay in the party, they can stay. But don’t force it.”

Salman Khan’s next movie is ‘Kaavi Eid Kaavi Diwali’. Ram Charan will be seen in a cameo role in this movie.

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