Rahul’s popularity has increased, Modi’s has decreased

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is at the peak of popularity among the current politicians of India. This information was revealed in a joint opinion poll conducted by Indian media NDTV and Lok-Niti Kendra. However, Modi’s popularity has slightly decreased compared to earlier. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi’s popularity has increased. However, most people want to see Modi as the Prime Minister for the third time in a row.

Rahul Gandhi’s popularity increased due to his five-month Bharat Joro Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. The increased enthusiasm and frenzy of Congress supporters in the state and the recent election results already gave such a glimpse. This time the picture is clear in the public opinion survey.

A similar survey was conducted by NDTV in 2019 before 2023. That year saw 44 percent of people say their favorite politician is Modi and would like to see him as Prime Minister. However, 43 percent of those who took part in the new 2023 survey said they liked Modi. This means his popularity has decreased by 1 percent. On the other hand, at that time Rahul was termed as favorite leader by 24 percent people. That rose to 27 percent this year. According to this survey conducted on the people of 19 states of the country, Narendra Modi is still at the top in terms of popularity.

Lok Sabha elections will be held in India next year. The survey was conducted in 19 states from May 10 to 19 to find out how popular Modi’s BJP and Rahul Gandhi’s Congress are before the elections. The survey was conducted to check Modi’s popularity in most parts of India after the BJP’s ‘slump’ in Karnataka state elections in particular.

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