Protest in front of the Indian High Commission in London

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The pro-Khalistan protested again in front of the Indian High Commission in London. This is the second time in the last three days. However, as the police were active, the pro-Khalistan crowd that had gathered on Wednesday (March 23) could not enter the High Commission’s office and vandalize it as they did on Monday. News from NDTV.

Scotland Yard suddenly increased security in front of the Indian High Commission (known as India House) in central London on Wednesday morning (local time). Barricades surround the building. It was initially thought that Rishi Sunak’s government had stepped up the routine alert after receiving a ‘stern message’ from New Delhi.

But it soon became clear that the security arrangements were made after reports of attacks by followers of pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh in Punjab. On this day, about two thousand pro-Khalistan gathered in front of ‘India House’. Slogans raised ‘We want Khalistan’, ‘Khalistan Zindabad’, ‘Free Amritpal’! Amritpal’s followers hurled ink bottles, water bottles and stones at the ‘Second Bhindranwale’ in Punjab at the Indian High Commission. However, they could not enter as the police were alert.

Earlier on Monday afternoon, the supporters of Amritpal’s organization ‘Waris Punjab De’ took off the national flag from the top of India House and flew the Khalistani flag. After that, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs warned by summoning the British Deputy High Commissioner in India, Christina Scott.

Moreover, the security barricade was removed in front of the British High Commission in Delhi on Wednesday morning. The move is believed to have been taken to send a ‘message’ to the Sunak government.


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