Producer Rehmat Ullah is fake and fake

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Actor Shakib Khan said that the producer Rahmat Ullah is fake and fake. He not only cheated me, he cheated the entire film people. He cheated millions of people in the country who loved me.

He said this to reporters after coming out of the DB office on Minto Road on Sunday (March 19) evening.

Shakib Khan said, I went to Gulshan police station to take legal action against fake producer Batpar Rahmat Ullah. Even after many attempts, even after many persuasions, the OC of Gulshan police station did not take my case. I spoke, my lawyer spoke. Many of your journalists have tried to explain. But the OC did not take up the case yesterday. He said you can complain wherever you want, I didn’t take your case. Later I came out of there.

He said, fake news has spread among everyone. I think Rahmat Ullah was not alone, there were many other people behind Rahmat Ullah. If not, this butper Rahmatullah went inside FDC and asked three to four of our vital associations to give false information and fake justice to producers. And to your media but one thing over and over again, pay me, I’ll go away. Give me money, I will withdraw.

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