Pritam Kotal suddenly left Mohun Bagan after making the team the ISL champion

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Just made the team the ISL champion. He returned to the city on Sunday afternoon. But Mohun Bagan captain Pritam Kotal is not resting. He had to leave Mohun Bagan and join the Indian camp. Coach Igor Stimach suddenly called him to the national team. So Pritam is joining the Indian camp after getting a sudden call.

A few days later, India will play against Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan in the tri-nation football tournament. Pritam has been kept in that team. Naurem Mahesh also received a call. Sivashakti Narayanan and Glenn Martins got injured in ISL final. Pritam and Naurem have been called in their place.

Stimach said, “We practiced for three days. Those who did not play in the finals were practiced. The rest will join on Sunday. After that the whole team will leave for Imphal after one practice. The ISL final has been an exciting game. Congratulations to both teams. Hope the fans enjoyed the match very much.”

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Eight footballers who played in the finals of two teams are joining the camp. Stimach said that maintaining the physical and mental health of the footballers is going to be his main job. Said, “Everyone who joined the team was physically and mentally devastated. Don’t want to put too much burden on young players. So no risk can be taken. The physical health of footballers comes first. We must not be irresponsible.”


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