People’s curiosity about Saddam Hussein’s funeral, going to see

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At one time he was the Commander-in-Chief of Iraq. After the US attack, this leader went into hiding. He was later hanged. One of Saddam Hussein’s pleasure boats still lies in the Shat-al-Arab river in southern Iraq.

Now some people picnic on top of this lake. Out of curiosity, foreign tourists take a boat ride around the lake. Some climb on it and drink tea. Although more than half of it is submerged in water.

This 121 meter long pleasure boat named ‘Al-Mansoor’ was built in 1980. It had accommodation for around 200 guests. There was also a helipad. However, Saddam bought this pleasure boat as a hobby but never got to ride it.

After US troops arrived in Iraq in 2003, it was kept in a safe place in the city of Basra. But even that did not last. It got stuck in the shallow waters of the Shat-al-Arab river during the US attack. It has been like this since 2003. But lately Saddam’s paradise has once again come into the center of curiosity.

The United States claimed that Saddam’s family had bought the yacht with ill-gotten gains. The former dictator of Iraq is planning to escape the country by riding it. That is what the then George Bush administration claimed.

Locals claimed that several items of this beauty were lost after the shift in Iraq. A member of the Iraqi Navy said that the yacht still attracts the attention of visitors.

Sources: CNN, NDTV


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