Ozil said goodbye to football at the age of 34

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Mesut Ozil has a special reputation in the Muslim world for standing up for his religion and saying tough things. By winning the World Cup for Germany in 2014, he also made a big mistake in his career. He has already left the game for the national team. This time, 34-year-old Ozil said goodbye to professional football.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Ozil wrote, ‘With everything in mind, I am announcing my retirement from professional football. I have been honored in professional football for almost 17 years. I am grateful for such a great opportunity. But I have been suffering from injuries for several months. That’s why I realized now is the best time to end my playing career.

Özil started his professional football career with German club Schalke 04. Then he joined the German club Werder Bremen from there. He won the club the DFB Focal Cup.

In 2009, he took them to the final of the UEFA Cup. After that, Ozil was recruited by Real Madrid. He had a colorful career for the Spanish team. He won the La Liga title in 2012 for the team. Won a pair of Copa del Reys.

In 2013, the German star was recruited by Arsenal. He played for the English club for eight years. But in the end, the club became bitter with Ozil on various issues. That is why he left the team and joined the Turkish club Fenerbahçe. From there later went to Istanbul Beseksehir club.

Ozil, who was in great form in 2014, made it to the World Cup squad for the national team. The midfielder played a major role in Germany’s World Cup win over Argentina.


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