Old Instagram Reels can be re-shared

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Reels videos are a popular feature of Instagram. Meta-owned Instagram came up with this feature to compete with TikTok. In this case, the platform can be said to be quite successful. Instagram reels became popular in a short time. Through this, short videos can be created and shared on the profile.

Instagram, the social media platform owned by Meta, is one of the most popular platforms right now. It has users in almost all countries of the world. From celebrities, politicians to common people are using the platform. Now the platform has brought a new update for this reel video.

Now users can find previously shared reels again. You can even re-share them with users. For this, the friend with whom the user shared the reel will get an additional benefit on the direct message page with the avatar.

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Instagram posted a Twitter post with leaked images of the facility. Instagram is testing a feature that lets you see the last friends you’ve shared Reels with, the tweet said. As seen in the image attached to the tweet, there is a new feature called ‘Latest Share’ on the left side of the DM or Direct Message page. Below that are recently shared reels with avatars.

Even if users exchange a short video multiple times, it will only display once, along with the avatar of the person it was last exchanged with. However, the facility is still in its infancy. Meta said that the feature is in the testing phase. In addition, the Instagram authorities have not yet confirmed when this facility will be opened.

Source: TechCrunch


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