O Pari, O Jaya, you are my liver: Mahi

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Entertainment Desk: Mahi is currently 9 months pregnant. Actress Mahia Mahi’s arrest has become the talk of the country. Another pregnant mother was arrested in this way, from actress Jaya Ahsan to Parimani, Meher Afroz Shaon, Tama Mirza, Raj Ripa and many others reacted to the incident on social media and stood by Mahi.

The actress gave a status on her social handle at night expressing her gratitude to everyone after being released on bail from jail on Saturday (March 18). He also thanked the journalists. Mahi’s status is precisely highlighted-

Ore my Pari, Ore my Jaya Apa, my Shawn Apa, Tama, Ripa, Mitu, Neer and specifically all my journalist brothers. You are my liver, you are my strength.

Netizens have already received more than 10,500 responses to the post. Besides sharing 29 times, many people have also commented. Mahi was arrested from Shahjalal International Airport around 12:15 on Saturday. Later that night at 8:30 pm, this heroine was released from Gazipur district jail.

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