Now Shakib Khan to the police station to file a case against that producer

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Entertainment Desk: The film’s producer Rehmat Ullah has brought serious charges against actor Shakib Khan for cheating the schedule and raping a female co-producer during the shooting of the film ‘Operation Agneepath’ in Australia.

He complained to the Bangladesh Film Artists Association by bringing these allegations. Later, Shakib Khan also sat with him at the mimangsa table. But there was no settlement. It was learned on Saturday night that Shakib Khan appeared at Gulshan police station to file a defamation case against the producer.

Shakib Khan claims that Rahmat Ullah, who is claiming to be the producer of ‘Operation Agneepath’, is actually not the real producer of this film. The original producer of the film is Jane Alam of Vertex Media. Which is also written in the contract.

On Saturday around 11:30 pm, this hero appeared at Gulshan police station to file a case. Shakib Khan was seen waiting at the police station even at 12 midnight.

At that time, Shakib said that the allegations against him are completely false. Because of this he is taking legal action against the fake producer.

Shakib Khan also said, I have come to the police station to take legal action so that this fraudster named producer cannot escape from the country. The reason for this is that the wrongful accuser cannot leave the country until the false allegations are redressed.

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