Not surprised by Mahi’s arrest, but why so many women police: Mitu

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Actress Mahia Mahi was arrested after returning home after performing Umrah. Zahara Mitu, famous for Miss World Bangladesh, condemned the arrest of the heroine from the airport while returning home.

On Saturday (March 18) afternoon, Zahara Mitu wrote on her Facebook status, ‘What did Mahi Apu do? Did you kill someone? Have you smuggled money abroad? Did human trafficking? Raped? No, he did none of these things. His crime, he had lost practical sense of danger. On the basis of the information sent from Bangladesh, he said and did what seemed credible to him.’

He also wrote, ‘What he said about the law and order forces, was really inappropriate. Perhaps he should have sought refuge with the higher echelons of law enforcement on the basis of the information he had. But he sat foolishly. We may be fools to think that people’s love can be found by working through entertainment. As our forefathers had it. But our stupidity does not allow us to live, does not allow us to laugh.’

The actress added, ‘I am not surprised that she (Mahi) has been arrested. This was desirable after watching it live. I’m telling the truth. But as soon as so many women step into the country with the police, why? He would not run away. He could have been called. We could talk there. I don’t understand the ins and outs of the law, that’s why I may speak like an ignoramus myself. But I understand this much, he could have been given this much respect as an artist.’

Zahara Mitu hopes, ‘I hope the misunderstanding will end. Maybe after a few days you will come live, give a guarantee. Say, the law enforcement forces helped him, maybe! At least I hope so. Apu should come back, come soon.’

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