North Korea tests nuclear bomb-carrying ‘underwater drone’

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Kim Jong Un watches a rehearsal with his daughter (left). News agency KCNA published it on March 20, 2023. Photo: AFP

North Korea has tested nuclear bomb-carrying drones capable of destroying enemy ships and ports by spreading a ‘radioactive tsunami’ in the sea.

Today, Al Jazeera reported this information with reference to North Korea’s state news agency KCNA.

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According to news reports, the new weapon was tested during a military exercise last week at the direction of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

With this weapon it is possible to create ‘terrifyingly destructive explosions and waves’.

According to KCNA’s report, ‘This underwater nuclear-capable drone can be used to attack any coast and port.’

It also said it was landed off the coast of South Hamgyong province last Tuesday during a military exercise. Then on Thursday, it stayed at a depth of 80 meters to 150 meters in the sea for 59 hours and 12 minutes.

Without mentioning details about the drone’s nuclear capabilities, the report also said that it is capable of entering enemy waters and destroying ships and major ports.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that North Korea had built a fake port in Hongwon Bay and struck it with drones.

South Korea’s military said yesterday that North Korea fired four cruise missiles off the country’s east coast a day ago.

KCNA reported that 2 Hwasal-1 and 2 Hwasal-2 strategic cruise missiles were fired from South Hamgyong Province, hitting targets in the Sea of ​​Japan, also known as the East Sea.

On March 13, when the United States and South Korea started the joint military exercise ‘Freedom Shield’, North Korea continued to conduct weapons tests in response.

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