New Release date for the Flash movie

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New Release date for the Flash movie

The Flash can easily be classified as the ‘Most Awaited Movie of all time’! The idea to bring a DC comics character into movie format was on the burner since the 80′. And it is legit, as the appearance of Barry Allen aka Flash in the DC Extended Universe only hyped up the possibility of a stand-alone movie. And those ardent fans who were waiting to see The Flash in theaters received good news, as Warner Bros have postponed the release of the film by a week and the new release date is set for 23rd June 2023.

Production overview:

The filming of this project started on 19th April and concluded its production schedule on 18th Oct 2021. Although the post-production phase also became subject to delays due to global lockdown and to ease the pressure off the visual effect dept. The film is directed by Andrés Muschietti, who had the experience of making IT and IT Chapter two. The scriptwriter Christina Hodson was hired to pen down this multiverse cluster. We can have some high hopes as she has previously written Margot Robbie starrer Birds of Prey.

The Flash and the associated troubles:

Indeed, Berry Allen’s character became a fan favorite for DCEU fans as he kept appearing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and the lead role in Justice League (2017). But the actor playing the character Ezra Miller has had rather turbulent years so far. Multiple allegations like disorderly conduct, Strangling a woman, Harassment allegations, burglary charges, and another list of mental health issues gave the film bad publicity. But since the character holds utmost importance to set the track for the upcoming DC extended universe, makers were sure to not replace Ezra Miller in the future DCEU lineup. 

The storyline and who is cast as what?

While most audiences expected The Flash to be an original film, it is less likely to be the case as the origin story has been explained well across eight seasons in DC’s The Flash series (2014-2023). This film will be about Barry Allen’s attempt to avoid the event of his mother’s mother and how those efforts would cause disruptions in the other storylines in the multiverse. It might sound similar to MCU’s Spider-man: No Way Home but we will get to see two batman in a film, so who is complaining? Michael Keaton will be reprising his role from Tim Burton’s Batman series while Ben Affleck would still be Batman from the current DCEU. Michael Shannon will also reprise his role of General Zod from Man Of Steel (2013). Shasha Calle will also be the first Latina actress to play the role of Supergirl.

Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman

It seems like a smart move on part of Warner Bros if this executive decision wasn’t in place, The Flash would have been in direct box office competition with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. This decision would certainly be beneficial for the movie to garner audiences in the theaters. 

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