New Dengue Treatment Success

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Scientists are working on a new treatment method to prevent dengue and treat patients infected with the virus. In the meantime, they have seen success by conducting experimental treatments on monkeys and rats in the laboratory. If successful at the final stage, this would be the first treatment to suppress the dengue virus in humans. News from AFP.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease. Millions of people are affected by this disease every year. There is no cure for dengue so far. Two vaccines against the virus have been discovered. However, many countries have not approved their use.

Two years ago, scientists showed that a chemical compound named ‘JNJ-1802’ developed by them in the laboratory can successfully prevent the spread of dengue virus in mouse cells.

The results of JNJ-1802 application to monkeys are ‘very encouraging’, said Marnix Ban Lock, head of the emerging pathogens division of the Janssen Companies, which operates under Johnson & Johnson, a US-based multinational pharmaceutical company. The compound was found to completely inhibit the spread of the virus when applied at high doses.

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