Neighbor’s complaint against Dev in the High Court!

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A neighbor of Tollywood star actor and Trinamool MP Deepak Adhikari alias Dev has filed a complaint in Calcutta High Court.

Neighbor Nicholas Wadden Bird alleged that Dev was using his flat for business purposes. When the sound of music came from his flat. This is causing serious problems for his sick wife. He has informed the housing authorities several times about this but without getting any result, he has taken legal action.

Meanwhile, the court did not take any direct action on the complaint of Dev’s neighbor. He has been directed to appear before the Calcutta City Corporation.

It is known that the complainant Nicholas lives in the flat below Dev’s flat in the residential area behind South City Mall. A few years ago his wife suffered a brain haemorrhage. Since then he has been ill.

Meanwhile, KMC informed that Dev was given a license to do business in the flat as per the rules. It is also informed by the hero that he has no intention of causing any difficulty to anyone. He conducts business as calmly as possible. Apart from this, he is following all the rules of accommodation.

On the other hand, the lawyer of the elderly couple who complained, Partha Sarthi Dev Burman, told the Indian media, ‘Business can never be done like this in a residential area. Awaiting the decision of Calcutta City Corporation.

Source: Hindustan Times

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