Nayak Boni returned the 40 lakh rupees of recruitment corruption

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Entertainment Desk: Opar Bengal hero Boni Senguptar has been in the face of controversy for a few days as his name was involved in the recruitment corruption case. He took Tk 40 lakh to buy a car from arrested Hooghly Trinamool leader Kuntal Ghosh. The actor was summoned by the Enforcement Department-ED for questioning in that regard.

Last Tuesday, coming out of the ED’s office and facing the reporters, Boni said, ‘The money is mine. Why should I return it?’ However, within two days, the actor returned the 40 lakhs to ED. Did he promise to ED in question. He kept his word.

According to Indian media reports, Boni deposited the money in ED’s account on Thursday night.

Earlier in the cross-examination, Kuntal told the ED that he had given 40 lakh rupees to actor Boney for recruitment corruption. After this Bonnie was interrogated twice at the CGO complex. There were also questions about the source of money for Boni’s foreign travel.

Meanwhile, Boney admitted to the ED that he bought the car with 40 lakhs given by Kuntal. He claimed that he did not directly take the money given by Kuntal in 2017. The money was sent to the car showroom. Boni said that instead of taking money to buy a car, he later appeared at various events in Kuntal without remuneration.

According to ED sources, Kuntal’s financial transactions with Boni came out from the bank records. Later Boney admitted his dealings with Kuntal.

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The ED suspected that recruitment corruption money might have been laundered through Boni. Meanwhile, Boney cried in the face of Jera. He could not think of how to return the 40 lakh rupees. However, the Tollywood actor returned the money on Thursday night.

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