NATO fighter jet intercepted Russian military aircraft

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Two fighter jets from the UK and Germany intercepted a Russian military plane flying near the airspace of the Eastern European country of Estonia. The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force reported this information on Saturday.

According to the Royal Air Force, two Typhoon fighter jets from the United Kingdom and Germany detected the Tu-134 passenger plane of the Russian military near Estonian airspace on Friday local time. The aircraft was escorted by a Russian Sukhoi-27 fighter jet and AN-12 Cube military cargo plane. Its flight path was then monitored and necessary steps taken to secure NATO airspace. News from CNN

Earlier on Tuesday, two Typhoon fighter jets from the United Kingdom and Germany detected a Russian military aircraft in the airspace of Estonia. The Russian IL-78 Midas aircraft detected that day was en route from St. Petersburg, Russia to the city of Kaliningrad to refuel.

As part of the NATO mission, German and UK warplanes are monitoring the airspace of Eastern Europe. During this ongoing mission, Russian military aircraft were detected twice in the area.

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