Music artist Nishita opened up about the rumors of breaking up the family

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Entertainment Desk: The music artist of this generation is Nishita Barua. There are rumors in the showbiz arena that the singer’s family has broken up. Recently, Nishita opened up about this.

On February 24, 2021, Nishita got married to Dipankar Barua. Her husband is a banker by profession. Both of their village homes are in Chittagong.

It is known from several sources close to the singer that Nishita has been having trouble with her husband since a few days after marriage. Many even claim that they are divorced.

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However, Nishita dismissed the matter as a rumor. The musician said, it is completely baseless and false news. We are together, and very well. But they don’t want us to spread such news.

Nishita also said that people now want to see everything on Facebook. Maybe because we don’t publish pictures together on Facebook, they think we are not together. My husband and I don’t like to talk much about personal life. We both like to keep our personal lives private. And that is why they are spreading these rumours.

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