Missile launch four times in a week. of Korea

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North Korea launched a missile for the fourth time in a week. After the intercontinental ballistic missile, Kim Jong Un’s country has launched a short-range missile. On the other hand, the United States and South Korea are conducting joint military exercises for 11 days. He considers this exercise as aggression. North Korea has launched several missiles to send a message to the two countries.

On Sunday (March 19) morning, North Korea fired a missile towards the East Sea, as reported by Seoul military officials.

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South Korea’s military said a short-range missile was fired from north of Pyongyang. It has traveled about 800 km. South Korea considers this as a provocative move. But our army is always ready to retaliate.

The United States has also condemned North Korea’s missile launch. Washington claims that North Korea is destroying the regional stability by breaking the rules of use of arms.

Kim’s country also launched a missile last Sunday. North Korea released this news on Monday. On that day, two missiles were fired at the eastern side of the Korean peninsula.

In addition, North Korea claims that there are about 800,000 young people volunteering for military service to fight against the United States and other enemies.

These volunteers joined the military service on Friday (March 17). They are also ready to destroy North Korea’s enemies and unite the two Koreas.


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