Looking at old pictures is my favorite habit, I can touch the past : Chanchal

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Entertainment desk: Popular actor Chanchal Chowdhury. More busy with movies than dramas lately. Working with Srijit Mukherjee, a famous producer of Kolkata. Srijit is producing a movie with famous filmmaker Mrinal Sen. The name is ‘Infantry’.

Chanchal Chowdhury is playing the role of Mrinal Sen in it. The first look of the movie was released a few days ago. It shows Mrinalrupi Chanchal. And Bollywood’s famous actor Amitabh Bachchan praised it on social media. He also shared the poster and wished Chanchal in the caption.

Meanwhile, despite his busy schedule, he does not forget to give time to his family. His favorite moment is watching old pictures on mobile or laptop. Recently sharing a picture with his wife and son on Facebook, he wrote, “Looking at old pictures on mobile or laptop is a very favorite habit of mine.” At one time, however, looking through old photo albums was also my addiction.

By looking at the old pictures, we can discover the difference between the past and the present, we can visit the past times, we can touch the past. Sometimes the eyes become watery when looking at some old pictures. Those people who are not in the world, those people are very much traced back to the old past.

I try to go back to the loved one who was lost, the picture became forever. Like now only find father everywhere. I was surprised to see this picture today. Taken only a few months ago, compared to the present, I saw how much freshness I had lost. Any pain or grief felt dulls many things. Always live the times as beautiful pictures.

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