Khalistani leader and self-proclaimed Sikh cleric Amritpal was finally arrested

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After a day of tense tension, a dramatic change of pace, the Khalistani leader and self-proclaimed Sikh cleric Amritpal Singh was finally arrested by the Indian Punjab Police. Police raided today Saturday to catch Amritpal Singh and his disciples. With the help of a special team of Punjab Police, police personnel of seven districts and para army, 6 close people including Amritpal’s wife were first arrested. Amritpal Singh was arrested from Jalandhar’s Nakodar in a sting operation in the afternoon. At that time, internet services were closed across the state.

Actor and Khalistani leader Deep Sidhu formed an organization. His name is ‘Waris Punjab De’. Deep Sidhu was killed in an accident last year. Since then the organization was run by Amritpal. In the beginning, the organization talked about fighting for the demands of the people of Punjab. But after Amritpal took over, the activities of the organization became extremist and violent. This self-proclaimed Khalistani leader became the terror of the Punjab government at the age of 30. Back in Dubai, Amritpal openly claimed to be a follower of Khalistani leader Bhindrenwal. Wear military clothes. Move around with hundreds of followers, many of whom are armed with modern weaponry.

His influence on the youth of Punjab is so great that his call can lead to riots in large parts of Punjab. Fearing unrest, the government could not take any action against Amritpal until now. Earlier, Amritpal’s forces went on a rampage across Jalandhar when one of Amritpal’s disciples, Lavpreet Singh, was arrested on charges of kidnapping and drug smuggling.

At least seven senior police officers were injured. However, under the pressure of the opposition, a police operation was finally conducted to arrest Amritpal.

In order to maintain peace and order across the state, the administration stopped the internet service from noon to 12 midnight on this day. This service has been shut down to stop the spread of fake news. In India’s Punjab, the pro-Khalistan movement has been on the rise for nearly three years. Apart from India, their activities are also going on in Canada and Australia.

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