Jaya requested the police officers about Mahi

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Actress Mahia Mahi posted a video on her social media page on Friday night. The actress alleged that her husband’s car showroom was vandalized by neighbors Ismail Hossain alias Laden and Mamun Sarkar.

Although Mahir did not stick to that accusation On the contrary, the neighbor complained against Mahi and her husband. Gazipur Metropolitan Police arrested the heroine on the charge of breaking the Digital Security Act

In this situation, another popular actress of Bangladesh, Jaya Ahsan, expressed condolences for Mahi. He wrote on his Facebook, ‘Actress Mahia Mahi has been arrested under the Digital Security Act.

Just read the news, the police applied to remand him, but the court did not grant it. Mahi is a popular actress, but like every citizen of the country, she too is subject to the law. But this thing needs to be specially remembered, she is now nine months pregnant.

Let her complaint be investigated, but no harm should be done to an expectant mother and her child. I thank the learned Court for not granting the remand.

I would also request the police officials to be sensitive so that the mother and the unborn child are not harmed.”

Her husband Rakib Sarkar, accused in the same case, has not returned to Bangladesh from Saudi Arabia. Many people are waiting to see how far this incident will go.

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