Jamal Bhuiyan has been practicing in Madina since Tuesday

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25 of the 27 footballers who were invited to the initial camp of the national team are now in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Two could not go due to passport problems. 24 footballers went to the desert country in two parts from Dhaka. Tariq Raihan Kazi joined Madina’s camp from Finland on Sunday.

Team manager Iqbal Hossain said from Madina that the 12 footballers who reached Madina earlier had a gym session on Monday morning. Yesterday 11 footballers, head coach, fitness coach, assistant coach, goalkeeper coach, physio and footballer Tariq Kazi reached Madina. There was no official training for the entire team on Monday. Those who came the previous day did gym in the morning and light training in the afternoon. The rest of the players will rest on Monday. The full team will practice from Tuesday. Everyone in the team is healthy and well.’

“We got here well,” forward Elita Kingsley said in a video message after arriving in Medina. Personally I am very happy to come to practice in Saudi. We will try to get something better.’

It is to be noted that Buff has sent the national team to Saudi Arabia for training in preparation for the tri-nation FIFA friendly series to be held in Sylhet from March 20 to 28. The team is scheduled to leave for Sylhet on March 17 after returning from Saudi Arabia. The other two countries in the series are Brunei Darussalam and Seychelles.


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